Monday, September 19, 2011

just getting started !: GOODBYE PERRY !!


Sorry haven`t been very diligent with updating my blog lately .
Exams and stuffs going on ,
Days are HECTIC!

Perhaps I could show you some of my pictures taken a few weeks back .

I had gone out with my sister to handover my puppy to a friend .

That`s my puppy ,Perry !

What I wore :
A sweater
Denim shorts
Bag by Matt & Nat

Floral ring .


Now that was a natural shot ! haha!

That`s my sister .She is wearing :
A floral shirt
High-waisted creme shorts

Tommy Hilfiger bag .

That`s all I got for today .Stay tuned for more .


Friday, September 9, 2011

Hi guyss!
So this is going to be my first post ever.I feel I suck at it but a sister of mine suggested I give it a try so here I am.

Am I am a beginner it would be very nice of you to encourage me please?Hope you like my outfit for today.
Till then Take care Xx