Saturday, August 31, 2013


Dream on dreamer !: BLOG ON ?: WOW!  It`s been more than a year since I’ve last updated my blog. It’s just that I`ve been slacking .I SERIOUSLY wish I could get over ...

Monday, June 24, 2013


WOW!  It`s been more than a year since I’ve last updated my blog. It’s just that I`ve been slacking .I SERIOUSLY wish I could get over with all my work mentally. Heights of laziness?  Yes, I love to procrastinate. These days I`ve been busy with my assignments and classes. I miss blogging and from now on I’m going to make sure I update it regularly. I`ve been reading a book by John C. Maxwell `Be All You Can Be`. I must say it is inspirational enough to make me think about what I want to do in life and how I`m wasting my time by staying idle and not doing anything productive. 
Now let me just write a little about myself before I start updating again.
10 things about me: 
1. I am Tibetan from Nepal, currently residing in       Bangalore, India. 
2. Love partying !
3. Love to dress up !
4. Love make-up !
5. Love to read fashion blogs !
6. Determined.
7. Not a big fan of fictional novels.
8. Hate liars. 
9. Love food.
10. Active on instagram. So FOLLOW ME people (@naduvincent) 

Since I love partying, let me post some pictures of me and my friends partying a few days back.

                                         Getting ready for the partaayy!

                    -Stay tuned for more :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holding on to 17 !

Since it`s my Birthday, here are some amazing moments I`ve enjoyed this year .

1. coming home late and going straight to bed .
2.buying amazing clothes on sale .
3.holding hands.
4.unexpected moments that became favourite memories .
5.talking on the phone till five in the morning .
6. resting on someones shoulder.
7.taking long showers that wash away my worries .
8.deciding what I want to do in life
9.feeling as though I finally belong somewhere.
10.feeling satisfied after a delicious meal .
11.meeting people that happen to change my life .
12.falling asleep instantly when I`m upset .
13.when I have a great night of sleep .
14.realizing everything is going to be okay .

Getting ready for my birthday .

Thanks to my friends,they bought me this wonderful cake .

What`s a birthday party without wine :)

And finally ,

hope you guys enjoyed my post :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let`s let the good times roll.

Hey readers !
There is this contest NBF(Nepal Fashion Blogger) organizes, and this months theme is denim .Since my sister is the admin ,i`ve decided to take part .I had gone out with my mum ,had worn denim shirt so i decided to take pictures on that day .We had gone for a movie .Ra-one most prolly .It sucked .One of the most boring movie .

location : New Orleans which is situated in Thamel .
Waiting for my food :)

I`m into pink lip color these days

and more and more accessories hehe .

Finally !

Lemon grilled chicken and mushroom soup was just awesome there !

My accessories :)

I ended up editing my picture this way .

Hope i dont get the least votes and hope you like my post :)

Stay tuned for more !

Thursday, November 3, 2011

And summer came back for just a while.

Hey guys!
I recently had a get~together with my blogging sister and her friends .Here are some pictures.

My new earrings:)


My benetton shirt which I cropped myself :)

I`m into moccasins these days .They are super comfy.

My blogging friend .

My blogging sisters .

That`s it for today ..:) Hope you like my post .

Friday, October 7, 2011

All black everything .

Hey people!
I never forget that weekends are short holidays and I have got my idea of taking advantage of it.
How do you spend your weekend?This time I decided to spend it with my mom.

I had an amazing day .It was a mother~daughter day .Thought it would not be such an awesome day but to my amusement it was :) Thanks to my mum .She made the day worth spending together .

I Didnt have time to have my lunch ,so me and my mum had planned to have our lunch outside ..Everything was closed due to Dashain .We had no option but to go eat at Civil mall itself for lunch and movie .And GUESS WHAT? To our disbelief ,FOOD COURT WAS CLOSED ! We had reached there around 3:15 pm and we had an hour left for the movie to start .

Worked it out with a MOCHA! LOL!

This is what my mum wore .

That`s my mom who stays by my side through thick and thin :) I love you mom!

That`s all for today :)

~love nadu !