Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holding on to 17 !

Since it`s my Birthday, here are some amazing moments I`ve enjoyed this year .

1. coming home late and going straight to bed .
2.buying amazing clothes on sale .
3.holding hands.
4.unexpected moments that became favourite memories .
5.talking on the phone till five in the morning .
6. resting on someones shoulder.
7.taking long showers that wash away my worries .
8.deciding what I want to do in life
9.feeling as though I finally belong somewhere.
10.feeling satisfied after a delicious meal .
11.meeting people that happen to change my life .
12.falling asleep instantly when I`m upset .
13.when I have a great night of sleep .
14.realizing everything is going to be okay .

Getting ready for my birthday .

Thanks to my friends,they bought me this wonderful cake .

What`s a birthday party without wine :)

And finally ,

hope you guys enjoyed my post :)